Panel Door

LEO Ply Molded panel door is so intricately and beautifully designed that it becomes a symbol of craftsmanship in itself. These doors are manufactured in association with the world's largest door component manufact-urers in the world, Masonite International Corporation thus assuring toughness, durability, resisting warping, shrinking and cracking better than a solid wood door.

LEO Ply Molded panel doors are long lasting, maintenance free and priced reasonably along with superior quality. The doors are available in a range of classy designs and can be finished in any colour as per taste and requirement of the customer.

Wonder of Balacne :

A gift to United state from the people of France, Statue of Liberty, is another best example of incredible architectural work. It is standing tall since 1886. It is 151 feet tall and is the perfect example of balance construction.